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FPA-BM is an active corporation registered with the Florida Department of Corporations with and inscription in the American government.

Our Mission

Florida Professional Association of Business Management (FPA-BM) provides businesses network opportunities to improve careers, to furnish services to the community, and to enhance the capacity of business’ development. FPA-BM’s mission is to promote educational programs, services, events, seminars, and other activities that stimulate business and personal growth.

Our Vision

FPA-BM challenges and engages its members to succeed in their careers and professional development by creating opportunities to better their future.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity: We value professionalism and uphold the FPA-BM Code of Ethics and Code of Conduct.
  • Respect: We build an inclusive environment through mentoring, delivering on commitments, working together with trust, and enjoying the camaraderie of each other.
  • Innovation: We learn, share insights, and encourage our members to make a difference today and for the future.
  • Service: We keep current in technology, business, and academia. We contribute to the Association, business profession, and society utilizing leadership, appropriate solutions, and sound processes.
  • Transparency: We enforce a lack of hidden agendas and conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making.
  • Pledge: We have a full commitment towards the goals of our organization to achieve our mission.
  • Trust: We motivate our members to share knowledge and work collectively to identify and solve problems together.
  • Diversity: We welcome members with varying religious and political beliefs, gender, ethnicity, education, socioeconomic background, sexual orientation and geographic location.
  • Ethical behavior: We respect key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, and individual rights.
  • Cooperative: We are a democratic entity that is controlled by our members who collaborate in it.
  • Flexibility: We help members and businesses improve their productivity and efficiency by allowing for a work / life balance
  • Positive environment: Our policies, resources, professional relationships and culture foster an atmosphere of enthusiasm that improves our organizational performance.

Leadership Team


The FPA-BM has as President Bruna Zuppone, a businesswoman with 40 years of experience in import and export between the Americas. Known for her talents as an advocate for the socio-economic initiatives of the Brazilian communities in the United States, where she serves as General Manager of the Eficaz Education USA, na American education institution, Bruna has the unique ability to bring people together in order to thrive their capabilities. As President of FPA-BM Bruna stands out as a leader of women entrepreneurs, and for new professional careers.

The FPA-BM has as Chairman of the Board Dr. John Peterson, Ph.D. A leading education specialist for over 15 years, Dr. John Peterson is a published author and the creator and implementer of several undergraduate and graduate programs. Emphasizing practical access to learning methodologies, Dr. Peterson has developed curricula focused on online and face-to-face training, optimizing new technologies for the benefit of his students’ achievements in real-world careers. In addition, Dr. Peterson is an experienced consultant to the requirements of the Florida Department of Education regarding the licensing and compliance of new institutions.

The FPA-BM has as Director of Operations Juliana Coelho de Almeida. Juliana holds an MBA in Financial Management from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation, a postgraduate degree in Graphic Arts from the Ausbildungszentrum Polygrafie in Chemnitz, Germany, a Graphic Production Technician from the Senai School of Graphic Technology, a Professional Education teacher certificate from the University of Southern Santa Catarina and a technical degree in Rotogravure and Flexography by Senai Theobaldo De Nigris School. Acting for more than 15 years in the graphic industry, she was a professor and coordinator of the Graphic Technology Higher Course at the Senai College of Graphic Technology, coordinator and professor in Rotogravure and Flexography of the Technical Course in Rotogravure and Flexography at Senai Theobaldo De Nigris School, managing teams developing technical lectures, articles, training and consultancies in companies of the graphic industry.

The FPA-BM has as Director of Education Dr. Nilsa Fleury, Ed.D. Dr. Nilsa, is a consultant, university professor and information analyst. Dr. Nilsa graduated in Business Administration from FACE – UFMG, postgraduate in Industrial Economics – UFMG, Specialization in Information Systems by UNA – Cepederh. She holds a Master in Business Science and Doctorate in Education, concentration in Leadership at Nova Southeastern University. She worked as a consultant for the government and private sector in Brazil, USA and Canada. In addition, Dr. Nilsa taught business in some universities in Brazil. She teaches Business and Education courses for undergraduate and graduate courses in the USA.

The FPA-BM has as Special Advisor David Persons, a highly accomplished corporate real estate executive with a proven track record of developing executable real estate strategies that support organizational business strategy and improve shareholder value. David began his career in multi-family real estate where he identified ad-value opportunities and transformed them into profitable endeavors. After 10 years of honing his skills he transitioned to corporate real estate where he developed international real estate strategies for companies, such as, Facebook, LinkedIn, HBO and Motorola among others. David has been recognized by the Leader Magazine as “Brazil’s Ambassador for Corporate Real Estate” and has contributed to many industry research projects, white papers and even as a contributing author to 5 published books. Today, David continues as a proven leader in the Real Estate industry, while educating national and international investors on how to do business in the United States.

The FPA-BM has as Special Advisor Dr. Michelle C. Benson, Ed.D. Dr. Michelle is a consultant, university professor and advisor to many. Dr. Michelle graduated from Northcentral University with a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. She holds a Master in Organizational Leadership/Management from Ashford University. Dr. Michelle has taught for the Department of Health and Human Services and Department of Community Health for Bachelor and Master level learners. Dr. Michelle also can motivate and lead her students to career and life changing opportunities. She is a student-centered education professional and is passionate to see success in people she encounters. Dr. Michelle has authored five journal publications and is always seeking ways to add more research to existing topics in leadership, learning and management.

The FPA-BM has as Special Consultant Wagner Correia Santos. Wagner has a degree in Physical Education from the University of Mogi das Cruzes – UMC, specialization in Exercise Physiology from the Escola Paulista de Medicina – EPM / UNIFESP, MSc in Health Science (Exercise Physiology) by Universidade Federal de São Paulo – UNIFESP. Coordinator of the Laboratory of Exercise Physiology of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Center of UNIFESP / EPM – Federal University of São Paulo – UNIFESP, Coordinator of Extension Course (Sports and Leisure) (UNIFESP – PROEC) in Embu das Artes, Indaiatuba. She has experience in Physical Education, with emphasis in Exercise Physiology, Sports Training, Health and Sport Sciences and Management Applied to Sport and Healthy Life, is Researching Member of the Brazilian Paralympic Academy (APB), UnaSus TCC Advisor of Programa Mais Doctors (PAB 5) and Supervisor of the Municipal Public Management Course (2015-2016) of the Universidade Aberta Brasil-UAB, is current Treasurer of ONED – National Organization of Sports Entities.

The FPA-BM has as Special Consultant Dr. Bart Baca Dr. Baca received his Ph.D. from Texas A&M University in Biology and has been working in wetlands for over 20 years. He directs most of the projects conducted by CSA South, and he monitors them in the field. He is also Vice President and responsible for Quality Control/Quality Assurance, and for monthly monitoring reports at CSA South. He is a Certified Stormwater Monitor and is approved for wildlife and turbidity monitoring by USACE Jacksonville.

The FPA-BM has as Special Consultant Fabio Zuppone Chavasco. Fabio is an experienced Product Designer (UX/UI) residing in Amsterdam. He is a talent who often use data and metrics to improve and perfect the user experience by combining pixel perfect design, a fast, and well written optimized code. Since 2010 Fabio has assisted the implementation of startups from original concept to profitable operations. In addition, he was invited to become part of an acceleration program of 500 Startups in Mountain View, California.

The FPA-BM has as Special Consultant Dr. Barry Shore, PhD. Barry is a Professor of Business at Peter T. Paul Business School, University of New Hampshire. Barry has consulted for companies such as GE, Doosan, Hyundai and Deutsche. He has been a guest lecturer at some of the world’s leading business schools in England, Italy, South Korea and China.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” — Chris Grosser