Corporate Level: $ 250

  • Active members include corporate corporations involved in supporting the continuing education and professional development of their employees.

Professional Level: $ 150

  • Active members include professionals in all business areas involved in supporting their careers through professional relationships, continuing education, and professional development.

Student Level: $ 50

  • Active members must include students in a university, college, school district, charter school (publicly-owned, shared-management schools) or any other school level involved in supporting their studies through networking, education And professional development.

Guest Level: FREE

  • Active members include guests of current members with a temporary duration of 3 months.

Honorary / Life: FREE

  • Honorary members shall be limited to persons who have obtained Honorary Membership status in the Association by action of the Board of Directors. The designation of honorary member shall be effective for one year from the date of such designation, unless the Board of Directors designates such association to be for life.

Enrollment Form

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