Best Business Jobs for 2018

Best Business Jobs for 2018

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#1 in Best Business Jobs
Statistics is the science of using data to make decisions. This is relevant in almost all fields of work and there are many opportunities for employment.

  • 12,400 Projected Jobs
  • $80,500 Median Salary
  • 1.4% Unemployment Rate


#2 in Best Business Jobs
Are you more of a risk calculator than a risk taker? Consider working as an actuary. These professionals are experts in uncertainty, using mathematics, statistics and financial theory to measure, manage and mitigate financial risk.

  • 5,300 Projected Jobs
  • $100,610 Median Salary
  • 1.4% Unemployment Rate


#3 in Best Business Jobs
Mathematicians may have careers as varied as mathematics itself, working everywhere from classrooms to government buildings. While some mathematicians work primarily with theory, others use theory to solve everyday problems.

  • 900 Projected Jobs
  • $105,810 Median Salary
  • 1.4% Unemployment Rate

Cost Estimator

#4 in Best Business Jobs
From the cost of your cell phone to that of government programs, cost estimators analyze how much products and services should cost. Cost estimators also analyze the current cost of something, in addition to why a product or service costs more or less than previous estimates determined.

  • 23,000 Projected Jobs
  • $61,790 Median Salary
  • 0.6% Unemployment Rate

Business Operations Manager

#5 in Best Business Jobs
Business operations managers are a business’s go-to person. These managers assist companies of all sizes with hiring, negotiating contacts, budgeting and strategic decision-making regarding consumer purchases.

  • 205,900 Projected Jobs
  • $99,310 Median Salary
  • 1.7% Unemployment Rate

Market Research Analyst

#6 in Best Business Jobs
Knowing what customers want is essential in running a business, and market research analysts help companies do just that. Typical responsibilities include monitoring and forecasting marketing and sales trends, measuring the effectiveness of marketing programs and strategies, gathering and analyzing data, and preparing and presenting reports to both clients and management.

  • 21,800 Projected Jobs
  • $62,560 Median Salary
  • 3.8% Unemployment Rate


#7 in Best Business Jobs
Accountants are at your service during tax season and beyond, preparing taxes, performing audits and offering consulting.

  • 140,300 Projected Jobs
  • $68,150 Median Salary
  • 2.5% Unemployment Rate

Financial Advisor

#8 in Best Business Jobs
Financial advisors counsel clients on their finances. Their responsibilities include creating budgets and retirement plans, providing investing advice and even investing on behalf of a client.

  • 39,300 Projected Jobs
  • $90,530 Median Salary
  • 1.5% Unemployment Rate

Financial Manager

#9 in Best Business Jobs
If financial managers were doctors, the financial success of their organization would be a testimony to their treatment. These business professionals create financial reports, coordinate investment activity and develop long-term financial strategies for companies.

  • 108,400 Projected Jobs
  • $121,750 Median Salary
  • 2.8% Unemployment Rate

Operations Research Analyst

#10 in Best Business Jobs
From data mining to mathematical modeling, operations research analysts use advanced techniques to help businesses run in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

  • 31,300 Projected Jobs
  • $79,200 Median Salary
  • 3.3% Unemployment Rate

Compliance Officer

#11 in Best Business Jobs
Employment in this job spans across many industries, but generally the duties are the same: These performance auditors ensure ethics are practiced, laws are followed and regulations are met.

  • 23,700 Projected Jobs
  • $66,540 Median Salary
  • 0.8% Unemployment Rate

HR Specialist

#12 in Best Business Jobs
If you have a job, you’ve likely interacted with an HR specialist. These human resources personnel recruit, screen, interview and place employees, in addition to taking care of employee relations tasks.

  • 32,500 Projected Jobs
  • $59,020 Median Salary
  • 2.2% Unemployment Rate

Loan Officer

#13 in Best Business Jobs
From car loans to mortgages to business loans, loans are an inevitable part of the daily lives of Americans. A loan officer is a major player in the loan application and approval process. These officers evaluate, authorize or recommend loan application approval for individuals and businesses.

  • 36,500 Projected Jobs
  • $63,650 Median Salary
  • 2.5% Unemployment Rate

Medical and Health Services Manager

#14 in Best Business Jobs
Health care systems are like well-oiled machines, and it’s the job of medical and health services managers to keep all the parts running. These professionals might hire staff members, manage budgets, create goals for a department and increase the efficiency of health services, as well as manage a practice for a group of doctors, manage a medical facility or manage a department.

  • 69,800 Projected Jobs
  • $96,540 Median Salary
  • 3.3% Unemployment Rate

Financial Analyst

#15 in Best Business Jobs
Buy? Sell? It’s a financial analyst’s job to recommend what clients should do with their investments, in addition to compiling reports that explain their investment analyses.

  • 32,100 Projected Jobs
  • $81,760 Median Salary
  • 2.1% Unemployment Rate

Management Analyst

#16 in Best Business Jobs
Time really is money. Management analysts work with companies to improve overall efficiency, proposing plans to increase profitability, reduce costs and increase revenue.

  • 96,500 Projected Jobs
  • $81,330 Median Salary
  • 3.9% Unemployment Rate


#17 in Best Business Jobs
Educational institutions, health research foundations, political campaigns and other nonprofit organizations rely on the help of fundraisers to raise money for their operations.

  • 13,200 Projected Jobs
  • $54,130 Median Salary
  • 4.2% Unemployment Rate

Social and Community Service Manager

#18 in Best Business Jobs
A profession that takes commitment and passion, social and community service management involves working with specific groups or communities to address issues.

  • 23,100 Projected Jobs
  • $64,680 Median Salary
  • 3.3% Unemployment Rate


#19 in Best Business Jobs
A logistician is involved in every aspect of a product’s life, including design, purchase, transportation, inventory and warehousing.

  • 10,300 Projected Jobs
  • $74,170 Median Salary
  • 3.8% Unemployment Rate

Meeting, Convention and Event Planner

#20 in Best Business Jobs
If you’ve ever been impressed by a well-organized and informative convention or event, you have a talented meeting, convention and event planner to thank for that. These professionals organize things like the event”s goal, time, date, budget, venue,  transportation and activities.

  • 11,800 Projected Jobs
  • $47,350 Median Salary
  • 4.6% Unemployment Rate

Credit Counselor

#21 in Best Business Jobs
Credit counselors help customers address their debt, both over the phone and face-to-face.

  • 5,300 Projected Jobs
  • $44,380 Median Salary
  • 2.5% Unemployment Rate


#22 in Best Business Jobs
A receptionist is often the first person you meet when entering an office or business. He or she ensures an office runs smoothly by welcoming visitors and answering calls. While this job can serve as a stepping stone into an organization, it is also critical to the operation of a workplace.

  • 95,700 Projected Jobs
  • $27,920 Median Salary
  • 5.0% Unemployment Rate

Customer Service Representative

#23 in Best Business Jobs
Customer service representatives take care of a customer”s needs online and over the phone. Patience is important for this job and educations levels range depending on the product type. Most companies may provide basic product training as well.

  • 136,000 Projected Jobs
  • $32,300 Median Salary
  • 5.0% Unemployment Rate

Executive Assistant

#24 in Best Business Jobs
The duties of an executive assistant can be far more involved than those of an administrative assistant. Executive assistants complete important office management tasks and prepare and analyze reports.

  • -119,100 Projected Jobs
  • $55,860 Median Salary
  • 3.5% Unemployment Rate

Bookkeeping Accounting and Audit Clerk

#25 in Best Business Jobs
Bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks take care of an organization’s financial records, documenting financial transactions and keeping statements up-to-date.

  • -23,500 Projected Jobs
  • $38,390 Median Salary
  • 2.5% Unemployment Rate


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