Business management is a very complex and demanding profession that requires a special set of knowledge and skills. It is our duty to ensure that our members have the necessary knowledge and skills. To this end, the Florida Professional Association of Business Management (FPABM) has initiated the creation of a Certificate of Professional Development (CPD) Program.

The feeling of our Board of Directors is that certification or accreditation will benefit individual companies and the state business system as it addresses best practice issues, cultivates the internal talent of companies, and builds a cadre of business and professional leaders.

As technology advances, a greater need for professional training for managers is also becoming more apparent.

Recognizing the importance of obtaining professionalism for corporate employees, not only in terms of acquired knowledge and experience, but also the recognition and respect of peers and other professionals, the Board of Directors of FPABM has established its CPD Program.

The Program offers recognition for professionals at all levels of business management. Certification is a way to recognize those individuals with training, training experience and experience in the workplace to meet recognized standards of professional competence.


  • Add to the professional standards of those involved in business administration.
  • Improve the practice of business administration by encouraging employees to participate in an ongoing professional development program.
  • Identify individuals with in-depth knowledge of corporate governance principles and practices, related disciplines, and the laws that govern and affect industries.
  • Give special recognition to company employees who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical competence in their profession.


The Professional Development Certificate of FPABM is a mark of distinction, reflecting the highest honor of professional achievement in business management. Certification benefits corporate employees in a number of ways:

  • Increased credibility in the educational community.
  • Use of certification initials after your name in articles.
  • Greater ability to compete in the labor market.


All candidates for the Certificate of Professional Development Programs must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete and submit the Official Transmission Form and the respective application for certification;
  • Be a member of FPABM at the time they apply for certification.


  • Those seeking certification must submit the application form to the President of the FPABM within the deadlines established by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors administers the program and safeguards its credibility.
  • Using the policies, rules and regulations adopted by the Board, each request is reviewed and receives a recommendation for approval or denial.
  • The Board of Directors may request additional information, as necessary, before making a recommendation. Failure to provide information requested by the Board of Directors justifies the refusal.


  • Where an application is not approved by the Management Board, the applicant shall be notified in writing. The correspondence sets out the reasons for the refusal and explains the applicant’s right to appeal against the decision of the Board of Directors.
  • An applicant can appeal by sending a written notification to the Board of Directors. The notice must be received within 30 days of the date of the refusal notice. All documents supporting the appeal must be received by the Board within 60 days of the original denial notice.
  • All appeals are reviewed by the Board and your decision is final. No more resources will be accepted.


A professional certificate may be revoked by the Council for the following reasons:

  • Falsification of information in the application process;
  • Violation of the FPABM Code of Ethics or FPABM Standards of Conduct;
  • Failure to maintain an active or lifelong participation in FPABM; or
  • Do not complete the 60 hours of continuing education credit at the end of the 3 year period.


All certificates are valid for 3 years from the date granted or prorated to maintain the terms of 3 years, compatible with existing certificate holders. These certificates may be renewed for a further period of three years after the holder fulfills these renewal requirements:

  • Maintain an active participation in FPABM during all certification years.
  • Complete a minimum number of hours of continuous credit each year based on certification level.

The purpose of the continuing credit requirement is to ensure that a certificate holder remains informed and up-to-date in its field of administration.

Certificate holders may be able to earn the required hours by attending both the Annual FPABM Conference and other professional conferences with prior approval. In addition, the Board of Directors works with other organizations to promote and sponsor appropriate training opportunities.